Chic Sale’s The Specialist

Rory Sutherland tweeted in January about two skinny jeans slim books: ‘Obvious Adams’ and ‘The Specialist.’

I had read ‘Obvious Adams’ in December 2015. It was suggested by a copywriter, I think. Maybe even Ogilvie himself. The point of the book was to not be so damn clever. Observe. Deconstruct. Take action.

‘The Specialist’ is what John McNally would’ve categorized as hot-diggity-dog-fiction. Bad Southern writing sample:

An’ another thing — they’ve been puttin’ so many of those stiff colored sheets in the catalogue here lately that it makes it hard to figger. Somethin’ really ought to be done about this, and I’ve thought about takin’ it up with Mr. Sears Roebuck hisself.

Apparently it was a comedy bit that the comic wanted to protect through copyright, so it became one of the shortest books ever to be published as a hardback.

The main character specialized in building outhouses. He took pride in knowing and spreading the good news about privy building. Face the door east; use timbers; always use contrasting colors so you can find the thing in the dark. Simple, straight-forward advice.

He constrained hisself to building the best damn privies in the county.

Chic Sale’s The Specialist

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